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The kingdom Of GOD Is Come Nigh Unto You!

1. FAST a  few hours every morning. Anoint your forehead with oil then wash your face.

 2. Sing your favorite Worship song to Our Heavenly Father...in order to create the right atmosphere.
Don't have one? Try some of our favorites here.
Please Note: If you pick the song "You Are Holy" (the second song) change the lyrics from "Are You Holy?" to "You ARE Holy!".

3. Speak this prayer on your first visit to this page no more thereafter >> Mercy Prayer

4. Exercise "soaking time" by listening to the WORD OF GOD. (faith comes by hearing) by viewing one of these video's  >>> (get your thoughts inline with the WORD OF GOD and junk out i.e. doubt, fear etc)

Listen To These Healing Scriptures As You Quiet Your Mind.

Healing Scripture Length: 22 minutes

(3 times per day initially - just the confession
on 2nd & 3rd pass)

Questions? Write Apostle Jeff Sr.
(yes I call myself an Apostle after my
encounter with GOD)

!Have Communion After 1st Confession Every Morning >>> Holy Communion
SHALOM and welcome to Our Lord's Healing page.  I made this site for believers who are seeing no results of healing through their prayers and tears. There are many reasons for why this is happening but the majority of reasons centers around these few factors. An unrepented heart, an unforgiving heart, a disobedient heart, a disbelieving heart and a non-charitable heart. IF you have one or more of these traits you have some self improvments to work on.

Allow me to introduce you to the Good Works of Pastors Dan & Keiko Downey. Pastor Dan was very sick. He tried everything but nothing seem to work. One day, he started speaking the WORD. The results were amazing! I have a video of his testimony. Please listen to him. 'But Jeff, I already speak the WORD and nothing happens!"  Aaaah yes my friend, been there done that. In fact, I came across Pastor Dan's "Faith Healing" page and said, "Baaa hum bug!" and left! That was over 9 years ago.

In May of 2019, after surviving 2 heart attacks, one in 2009 and the other in 2016, by the MERCY of GOD and a heart failure surferer for 10 years my doctor told me "this is it". My Echo showed my heart had gotten worse. She said, "Mr. L., you have maybe a few days to a week to live. You should get your affairs in order."

I knew she was telling me the truth. I was soo sick I could literally feel my heart trying to quit on me at night while trying to get some sleep. I could feel I was dying. I was very sad because there were so many things I wanted to do for the Kingdom of GOD. Right then GOD reminded me of Pastor Dan's Healing Page.

I said to myself, if I die, I'm going to die praying and speaking His WORD.

Pastor Dan speaks the WORD of GOD in a special way. He calls it "Say So". He does this 3 or 4 times per day. Initially I practice "Say So" 3 times per day that being morning, noon and evening. After my healing I practice 1 time a day. 

Pastor Dan was healed in 4 days. Me, well I wasn't scare but I was very very concern that I was approaching the 5th day of practicing "Say So" and nothing was happening as my expiration date was upon me.

I wasn't deterred! I kept practicing P.U.S.H.! (Pray Until Something Happens).

One week and a half goes by...I said to myself, "I'm still here! PRAISE GOD!!!"

Then the back of my left hand began to tinkle. I looked down to see my blood vessels began to rise. I was shocked! Elated! Started Praising GOD for His Healing. Long story short, GOD saved me from my destruction!

Now I must confess the healing wasn't 100% maybe 90%...a thorn in my side was left behind to keep me humble and seeking Him. (I was seeking everything else but Him) But I'm completely satisfied with what I received. It took a total of 2 months to reach 90%. It was progressive for me not instantanious.  For some believers it was instantanious and others 1 week to 1 year. Why is that? I have no idea. I could speculate but who wants that. All I'm saying is don't get discouraged! Remember P.U.S.H.? It's going to happen!

Ok now I perceive the next question you may have. Why speaking the WORD works? There is Divine Power in GOD'S WORDS. He ordained it so. He said:

Isaiah 55:11
(KJV) ¶ So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

His WORDS will do something! Remember...His WORDS created this planet and everything on it. He also made us in His Likeness. That is why He has us SPEAK with our lips the confession of salvation. That is why He said this:

Proverbs 18:21
(KJV) ¶ death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

GOD'S WORDS has POWER......your tongue has power....put them together you have prayers answered!

Does this methodology really work?  Proof #1  Proof #2  Proof #3

Now let's talk about Pastor Dan's Healing Page. When you land on his page he has a very well written introduction to his "Say So" methodology. When you scroll down the page you will find 5 Categories
of "Say So" prayers. The Categories are:

- Healing
- Victory & Overcoming
- Fear & Peace
- Our Identity as Believers
- Forgiveness

Pick any one of the categories or all that you need for a change to come into your life. For now we are just focused on the "Healing" category.

This page is very simple yet very powerful. I have incorporated certain actions and words that will trigger a Spiritual response from Heaven. It was purposely layed out this way to have GOD'S Spiritual Laws work
for you and not against you. Follow them, you will be Blessed. With that said:

Now Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Elephant? Yes elephant. This elephant is:

                    Dietary Laws

I know, not your cup of tea. Mine either but it must be addressed.  Sickness can be caused by
a number of factors...demonic activity...curses....dietary abuse....toxins you name it. But the
overwhelming majority of sickness is from...drum roll please....
dietary abuse.

Your body needs to be cleaned out.

I've embedded a documentary movie about Joe Cross creator of the REBOOT program. It's a very
good movie. It shows what dedication and discipline can do for your body. Joe's Reboot Newsletter
sign up page can be found here. View the movie here.

                                  TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND NOTHING ELSE!
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