My prayer request is for  Home Churches to begin perfecting their calling by creating the Real New Testament Church. Change Worship Services to Saturday. Exodus 31:13  Do not become a 501(c)3 Organization!  Our Lord commanded us to give Caesar what he wants (taxes) and give GOD His Offerings. Collect Tithe Offerings but equally redistribute Tithes back to the people whom are the Temple of GOD. (this has never changed). Ten percent Tithes. Remind Business Owners to be honest about their ten percent GOD will increase their business. No one should  ever write off what they give to GOD on their Income Taxes asking Caesar for a refund on April 15th!  They have their reward.

Home Churches, Cell Groups and Institutional Churches will be counted as 1 person in the redistribution. Pastors are to re-educate their flock about the benefits of additional giving such as Building Fund etc.

Make a list of talents each member has…ask them would they share those talents for free or love offering with the Body of  Christ. Each Home Church may use the Love Offerings and Ought Offerings for expenses of running the Ministry and special group projects. (give Caesar his tax)

When the LORD adds to your group, do not delay or set an appointment for Baptism! Seal their Redemption right away by baptizing in water in a tub or swimming pool or ocean. Don't forget to wash their feet at the  baptism. Lay hands for the HOLY GHOST to be imparted and PRAISE GOD for another Soul Saved! Instruct the newly convert to sell something of value and bring the proceeds to the HC for redistribution to the Saints equally! This is their sign that as GOD gave JESUS as a Highly Valued Gift to us we must symbolically do the same!

Please disciple your newly babe in Christ! Do not allow the wolf to get to him or her. Give a good quality Holy Bible to them along with study guides, dictionary, concordance, DVD's, CD's all free. Meet with them daily in order to prepare them for the Spiritual Warfare that has already begun for their soul. When I say, "meet with them daily" I mean have Bible Study along with  Question/Answer dialogue. Continue to pray over them for GOD to reveal HIS Purpose in their life.

Take charge of your Block. Set up HC's on every block. Be sure to pass out flyers to your neighbors, whether Saved Believers or Non-Believers, you are there to help them in time of need. Show your love to your neighbors and love will return back to you.  Be there for them for whatever it is they will call on you for! Be of Service to Others. This is our Calling!

When you begin your services, do not allow a worship leader to do all of the singing. GOD desires to hear everyone's voice, not just the singer. Before singing or worshipping HIM, you must invite HIS Presence into your environment. Begin Praising HIS NAME. Begin asking HIM to come and dwell with you. Do not hold hands but lift both palms high into the sky. Thank HIS HOLY NAME! Clap! Shout! Laugh! Let Him Hear you! THEN….begin singing Praise Songs up to HIM bringing His Glory Down!

Let GOD's Spirit move throughout the gathering. Whomever has a Word from our LORD let him or her Speak. Remember, the HOLY SPIRIT is in charge of the Church while our LORD'S away. Allow the Spirit of GOD to speak and move in your gathering. Do not be afraid.

Break Bread after service. Let everyone have their own cup poured from the same bottle. Bless the bottle of  grape juice. Sing the LORD'S Prayer over the cup before drinking. It may taste the same or change flavors. IF anyone has a bitter taste after drinking the cup, they have ought in their heart and need intercessory prayer right then and there. They have taken the cup unworthily. Lay hands on them for anger, hatred or whatever to be healed or cleansed. They must reconcile by voice or letter and bring an "Ought Offering" to the Church.  Sooner or latter they will learn to Love or go Broke!  Whichever comes first!

Don't forget after services to ask if anyone have any needs including financial needs. Help service those needs right away. Remind the brethren to have Communion daily in their homes and study the Word of GOD daily in their homes. This is the Oil that is in the Lamps of the Virgins. Be Ready for our Husband return. May HE find you with your Lamps full and waiting for HIM!


Bro. Jeff Sr, a Servant of Jesus Christ by the Will Of GOD
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