How To Effectively Witness For Our Lord


Thank you for the honor in sharing my experiences with you. I’ll try my best to make this communiqué as short as possible.

First let me say there’s nothing you’re doing is wrong. We need “modern day” Jonas shouting  to the world they need to repent and accept God’s Good Works that being Salvation.

However there is a “next level” to witnessing for Our Lord. A level that gets instant results either for or against the Kingdom’s message. Let me share a little background.

I was a foot soldier passing out tracks everywhere street corners, parks, beaches you name it I’ve done it. Needless to say I had no “instant” conversions and I became extremely frustrated.

Then one day while reading the WORD I observed something a pattern if you will. Our Lord and the Apostles always had success converting folks whom were broken. Either physically broken (sick), mentally broken (crazy,demon possessed) or emotionally broken (depression).

When a person is broken they are humbled by the situation. This is fertile ground to plant The Seed of God. No pride in the way. No ego in the way. No arrogant defiant attitude. Just humble appreciative thankful attitude.

I put my new found observation to the test. Our team headed to a park in search for broken souls. We came across a young lady whom had been crying . I approach her and sat next to her. I asked her if there was anything I could do for her she replied no it’s boyfriend issues. I ask her permission if I could pray for her  not for her boyfriend issues but rather her emotional brokenness.

I prayed for her joy to be restored. She began feeling waves of peace, love and joy. With a large smile she wanted to know what was it she was feeling. I ask her if she was Born-again. She asked what was being Born-again meant. I replied The Kingdom of God is near. I proceed  to share Our Lord’s story.

She accepted Our Lord as her Savior. We headed to her building swimming pool  baptizing her then layed hands on her to receive the Holy Spirit. Toward the end we gave her a free bible, study guides and concordance.

Sadly, we performed the same ritual every other church performs, street ministers perform and that is we ABANDON her to fend for herself against the wiles of the devil, try to learn God’s way and try to answer her own spiritual questions. In other words no discipleship just say the same reprobate statement you hear on television…”go find a bible believing church” (how is she going to do that? What’s a non-bible believing church?) 

After a few years we were shocked to learn more than 70% of our non-disciple converts fell off the Grace wagon back into the world all due to frustration in learning the bible on their own.

We latter polished our act by creating a “Road Map” to follow…

when handing out tracks (we use high quality tracks see sample here >> Chick Publications we only pass out 10 at a time. Why? With each person that accepts a track we ask for a name phone number or email address for follow up in a few days. If the prospect accept Christ over the phone we plan a meetup for completing the salvation requirements. Once we have 10 coverts we begin weekly discipleship bible study. God loves personal relationships something the internet will never deliver.

I believe in Home Churches in fact I wanted to place a Home Church on every block in America  taking back the streets using the Power of God. But I digress. Here is Our Lord’s Road Map for witnessing. Have group prayer andcommunion before heading out.

1)      When approaching a block for witnessing do not go house to house in singularly order(12345)but rather goto every other house(13579) Scripture reference : Luke 10:7 ¶ .... Go not from house to house.

2)      While entering the home say the following “Peace be unto this house”SR: Luke 10:5-6 ¶ And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to this house. And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again.

3)      Find out whose broken anoint them with oil proceed to command healing. Luke 10:9  And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you. Begin sharing Our Lord’s story. If your prospect accepts Our Lord as Savior have him/her read the sinners prayer on a 3x5 card. Ask them if they believe what they’ve read. If yes now have them read the sinner’s confession of faith out loud which is “I now confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD. I believe He came in the flesh by virgin birth. I believe in my heart that He died on the Cross shedding His blood for the remission of my sins. I further believe He had risen on the 3rd day by GOD'S Power. I confess the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I repent of all my sins and I am NOW a New Creature in Christ! Thank you Father GOD in Lord Jesus Christ name, Amen”

4)      Now it’s time for water submersion baptism. This requirement must be performed prior to the laying of hands to receive the Holy Spirit. SR: Acts 8:16  (For as yet he [the Holy Spirit] was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) you may baptize in their bathtub (please don’t ask the candidate to strip naked that isn’t necessary – some old clothes will suffice) or you can baptize in swimming pools, beaches but avoid lakes and ponds due to their large number of parasites and algae fungus. Don’t forget to wash one of your disciple feet.

5)      Next the “Laying Of Hands”. Always lay your hands appropriately. One hand on the shoulder rest the other hand on a forearm. (never on a females breast – I apologize for having to say this…you have no idea! some people are still a work in progress)

6)      Now it’s time for a celebration by having communion with your newly convert. You are now responsible for your babe in Christ. Just like a baby you must prepare the bottle at least once per week.(discipleship bible study)

Discipleship Graduation is when you’ve covered the New Testament. Now pray to Our Lord asking Him whom should lead that HC. Only allow those whom are in walking distance to join that Home Church. If a disciple have to drive in order to attend the HC that’s considered “out of service area”. Cities are cracking down on excessive parking of non-resident visitors whom are attending a Bible Study or HC.

That’s why it may be necessary to establish 4 HC’s per block (whatever the capacity the HC’s can handle).  These are your churches you’ve installed and like Apostle Paul you should pay a visit to all of them every few months.

This is the basic foundation of witnessing with instant results. How to run an HC like a True New Testament Church requires another long article( I apologize for this long was meant to be short)

In the true New Testament Church women were the Pastor's over their HC while the men go out and do the heavy lifting (witnessing, converting, baptizing and laying of hands for fire baptism) It is Gods desire that every neighborhood have The Kingdom of God present and demonstrating His Power keeping evil ones in check on each block. This is how the Body of Christ can take back every street in American.

God wants to take care of us but He needs the co-operation of believers to accomplish this work. If we take care of each other (spiritually, physically, financially) in a communal way (not socialist where the government is god nor communist where the leader is god) we will show the Love of God working through us. We are to share "equally" so there'll be no lack among anyone.

I'll close with this verse: 1 Corinthians 10:24 ¶ Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth.  So if I have a successful business wouldn't I be showing love by helping acquire or replicate my business to another Believer?

If you have any questions please write to Apostle Jeff Sr.  (not available for speaking engagements)