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The True Gambler!
A young lad was walking along a pier when he spotted an old man sitting at the edge of a low pier run way.

The man had his feet dangling in the water and smiled as the lad walked up. The lad had notice the tattered clothes and old yellowing beard of the old man and he couldn't help seeing the old man having one hand on his knee pushing up to raise his shoulders as if he was in distress from not getting enough air.

He would rear his head back for a deep breath then let it out while lowering his head all the way down allowing his chin to rest on his chest.

The young lad asked,"Are you ok?"

The old man replied, "Eeeyeah. I'm ok now but I don't know.."

The young lad answered back, "Don't Know What?"

The Old man looking sad with tears filling his eyes,"I might not live pass tonight...my heart has be fluttering and pounding weirdly before sunrise for the past few nights...last night was the worst! I couldn't breath for a minute. I think this is it kid!" As his tear drop hit the water below.

They both looked at the ripples his tears created and was silent for a long time.The old man looked around as if he was appreciating the beauty of this planet and enjoying the sounds that are all around him, in stereo for the last time.

The young lad waited until the old man lowered his head from appreciating the view
to ask him another question...."that's why you looked real bothered when I walked up huh?"

The old man turned his head sideways to look in the young lads eyes while smiling at him...feeling very good that another human being had real general concern for his happiness. The old man continued to smile while looking back into the water, savoring the feelings he just experienced from hearing and seeing this young lad's concern....the old man spoke.."Nope..that's not why I looked worried my friend. I had that look because of what happened to me a week or so ago..."

The young lad became concerned,"What happened!" he retorted with a frown in his voice as if he will take care of whatever made this old man worried.

The Old man was touched again and began smiling. At first he wasn't going to tell this young lad about the incident but with those sparkling pure eyes of his and his innocent indignation...he couldn't resist his request to want to help solve this old mans problems.....so the old man began...

"Well sonny boy, a tall man approached me out of no where. He was tall, had a fixed stare that caught my attention. It felt as if he was reading my mind. Just something weird about this guy. I couldn't put my finger on it...."

The young lad replied, "What is it! What did he say to you!"

The old man continued..."I guess I should'da first tell you that I don't believe in GOD or JESUS or none of that hocus pocus stuff...please don't ask me why!  Let me explain what happened to me that has worried me all week...."

The young lad answered, "ok"

The old man got up....he wanted to walk due to his leg beginning to bother him. Now the old man began to frown remembering the conversation of this stranger.....

In a low voice the old man began reciting the incident..."The stranger asked me a question about two gamblers and he wanted me to point out which gambler was the wisest....

The stranger continued...

"Gambler A and Gambler B was reviewing the odds on whether GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob was real. So they both sat down and went over the odds. The odds were broken down this way:

If they hedge that GOD is real and...
Bet: "God Doesn't Exist" and loose, they inherit eternal damnation or if they....
Bet: "God Does Exist" and win, they gain eternal life and much more.


If they hedge that GOD isn't real and...
Bet: "God Doesn't Exist" and win, no harm, no gain, GOD isn't real and if they..
Bet: "God Does Exist" and loose, no harm, no gain there isn't anything to benefit because GOD isn't real.

Gambler A decided to Bet "GOD Exist" while Gambler B decided to Bet "GOD doesn't

The stranger asked, "Which, old man, was the wisest gambler based on Odds Betting...?"

The old man smiled at the stranger.."I bet you think I'm stupid. I happen to be a professional gambler! I understand Odds Betting very well and I know for a fact that the weights involved in hedging bets...

I would say that the weight of winning based on the odds would be with Gambler A!

"Why is that?", asked the stranger.

The old man replied,"Simple! When you see that betting on "God's existence" it will
yield nothing if he doesn't exist however, if he does exist, you win!

That's what odds betting is all about... being on the side that has the highest chance of winning!"

The stranger replied,"Then why are you Gambler B??!!!"

The stranger turned and walked away...when the old man looked down realizing the entire conversation was about him, he looked up and the stranger was gone into thin air......"

The young lad said,"What's bothering you about that???"

The old man put his hands on his hips and stretched all the way back and all the way forward. He
looked at the young man and said".....I'm about to hedge my bet that "GOD Exist" do you know a church we can walk to....I want to ask the Pastor how can I accept GOD and HIS SON as my Savior......"

The young lad replied,"I think you've just did but, I'll take you to my dad instead."

"Why?", replied the old man.

The youngster turned, smiled and looked into the old man's eyes and said, "GOD gave me a dream last night to come to this pier and bring the old man in my dream to my Dad."

The old man retorted,"WHY BOY WHY???!!!!"

The young lad replied,"My dad's aah Pastor!"


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